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Ecuador & Galápagos

Why Ecuador?

Ecuador is a country with vast natural and cultural wealth. The diversity of its four regions has resulted in hundreds of thousands of species of flora and fauna. It has about 1640 species of birds. Butterfly species bordering the 4,500, 345 reptiles, 358 amphibians and 258 mammals, among others. Ecuador is considered one of the 17 countries with the greatest concentration of biodiversity on the planet, and is the country in the world with the highest biodiversity per km2. Most of its fauna and flora is found in 26 national parks. It also offers historic attractions such as Quito, dining and a variety of cultures and traditions.

Ecuador is crossed from north to south by a volcanic section of the Andes, with 70 volcanoes, the highest being the Chimborazo with 6310 msnm of height. West of the Andes you can find the Gulf of Guayaquil and east of the Andes the Amazon. It is the country with the highest concentration of rivers per square kilometer in the world. The most fascinating place to visit in Ecuador are the Galápagos Islands found a 1000 km west of the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. These islands host the densest planet's biodiversity.

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